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Omotesando Road

Narita City

Omotesando Road is 800 meters,which lies from JR Narita Station to Omotesando Road, leads straight to Narita’s famous Shinshoji Temple. There are inns, restaurants, and numerous souvenir shops. For over 300 years, shopkeepers here have been welcomed visitors to this town. To keep with its history and tradition, it is not out of place here to see kimono-wearing proprietors greeting their customers. Omotesando Road also has countless restaurants which serve the local delicacy of eel cuisine. Narita city opens numerous events throughout the year, and many events are opened on Omotesando street. This place is the perfect place to enjoy and participate in a traditional Japanese festival.


Narita City Shopping and dining area between Narita station and Naritasan Shinshoji temple
Naritasan Area