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Narita City

The taste-of-Edo tour route

This enriching tour lets you experience the charm of Narita the temple town.

  1. 1Tomisato IC

    Narita CityNanae, Tomisato-shi
  2. 53Minute(s)11Second(s)

  3. 2Sogo Reido Sanctuary

    This is the family temple of Sago Sakura, a public-spirited man of the Edo period who saved farmers from overtaxation. The temple features the Sago Reihoden and its collection of Sago's personal effects, and the Sogo Oichidaikikan, where visi tors can enjoy a 13-sided 3D panorama of 66 dolls.

    Narita City1-558, Sogo
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  4. 1Hour(s)2Minute(s)53Second(s)

  5. 3Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

    Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is the head temple of Shingonshu
    sect and is affectionately known as "Narita's 0-Fudo-sama."
    The top-ranked of the "Big Three" temples of the Kanto
    region, it is visited by about 10 mi llion people each year. In
    1980, 5 important religious structures from relatively modern
    times were designated as important cultural properties:
    Komyodo Hall and Shakado Hall, which were formerly the
    main building, and the Three-storied Pagoda, Niomon Gate,
    and Gakudo Hall.

    Narita City1, Narita
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  6. 14Minute(s)42Second(s)

  7. 4Omotesando Road

    Omotesando Road is 800 meters,which lies from JR Narita Station to Omotesando Road, leads straight to Narita’s famous Shinshoji Temple. There are inns, restaurants, and numerous souvenir shops. For over 300 years, shopkeepers here have been welcomed visitors to this town. To keep with its history and tradition, it is not out of place here to see kimono-wearing proprietors greeting their customers. Omotesando Road also has countless restaurants which serve the local delicacy of eel cuisine. Narita city opens numerous events throughout the year, and many events are opened on Omotesando street. This place is the perfect place to enjoy and participate in a traditional Japanese festival.

    Narita CityShopping and dining area between Narita station and Naritasan Shinshoji temple
  8. 1Hour(s)30Minute(s)5Second(s)

  9. 5Boso No Mura

    This is an unique historic park. You can learn the culture and the history of Japan in primitive age and 150 years ago.There are reproduction of the facilities when Samurai were still exists. You can feel and learn their life here.

    Narita City1028 Ryūkakuji Sakae-machi, Inba-gun
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